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Figures released today by UK university admissions service, UCAS, show early indications of a further reduction in the gap between students from the most and least deprived areas of Scotland.

Applications from 18 year olds living in Scotland’s most deprived communities are up by 0.8% while applications from school leavers in the most affluent communities remain stable. This follows figures in the recent UCAS end-of-cycle reports for 2018-19 that showed acceptances of a place at university from students living in deprived parts of Scotland had increased steadily over a three year period.

Karen Watt, Chief Executive of the Scottish Funding Council, said: “Today’s figures on university applications for next year show that the gap between the most and the least deprived areas of Scotland continues to narrow. We already know that actual acceptances for the current academic year confirm the same trend.

“Although there is more to be done, this is a positive sign that, working with universities, we are changing things for the better.”

“The Scottish Funding Council agrees annual outcomes with each university to accelerate progress towards fair and equal access to university.”

Photo Credit: University of the West of Scotland