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Outcomes Framework and Assurance Model

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SFC’s Outcomes Framework and the associated Assurance Model will be introduced from 1 August 2024.

Outcomes Framework 

SFC’s Outcomes Framework sets out SFC’s expectations of colleges and universities in return for the funding that they receive. As detailed in the graphic below, there are seven outcomes in the Outcomes Framework that apply to both colleges and universities, with an additional two outcomes that apply to universities. In addition, there are two further outcomes that are cross-cutting and apply across each of the other applicable outcomes for both colleges and universities. 

Assurance Model 

The Assurance Model is the mechanism by which SFC is assured that the Outcomes in the Framework are being delivered so that those things that matter to students, employers, Scottish Government and other stakeholders are in place.  

There are two primary elements to the Assurance Model:  

  • Engagement with colleges and universities is a vital part of how we get assurance and understand the issues, challenges and opportunities for them. We have a team of Institutional Engagement and Outcome Managers. These lead contacts each work with a portfolio of colleges and universities to ensure that we have a depth of knowledge about each institution, as well as providing a dedicated point of contact for each institution. 
  • Monitoring the activities of colleges and universities allows us to understand their delivery of their Outcomes Framework. We do this using data and information returns, thematic reviews and case studies. Colleges and universities will also supplement this information with commentary which provides additional context on factors which influenced their delivery of the Outcomes Framework. 

The Outcomes Framework and Assurance Model provides more information on the detail of the Outcomes Framework and our plans to work with the sector to develop the Assurance Model.

Research Assurance and Accountability

SFC’s new Research Assurance and Accountability process will be the key element for monitoring the Research Excellence expectation within the Outcomes Framework (OF) and Assurance Model (AM).

It comes from the commitment in our Review of Coherent Provision and Sustainability (June 2021) to increase accountability for the use of SFC research funds, to obtain better evidence on the use of those funds and the value of the investment.

SFC Strategic Plan 2022-27

Building a connected, agile, sustainable tertiary education and research system for Scotland.

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