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The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) welcomes the results of the 2019 National Student Survey (NSS) which were published today.

The survey, the largest of its kind in the world, shows that the overall satisfaction rate with Scottish universities has increased to 84% in comparison with 83% last year.

Martin Fairbairn, Chief Operating Officer of SFC said,

“Student feedback is an important source of intelligence which helps to drive improvements at universities and we therefore welcome this publication.

“It’s encouraging to see that this year’s results show a slight rise in student satisfaction across Scotland as a whole but there is still more that can be done at the level of individual institutions. We will work with our universities to understand how they will use these results as part of their plans to continually enhance the student experience.”

The NSS asks students a range of questions on issues including the quality of teaching, assessment, academic support, organisation and management, resources, and student voice. It complements the College Student Satisfaction Survey which tracks the satisfaction and engagement of college students in Scotland, providing a full picture of student satisfaction across both the further and higher education sectors. The results from the 2018-19 College Student Satisfaction Survey will be published by SFC in October 2019.