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A plan to address skills gaps and shortages in Scotland’s workforce has been launched by Business, Fair Work and Skills Minister Jamie Hepburn.

The Future Skills Action Plan highlights what action the Scottish Government intends to take in order to increase upskilling and retraining opportunities, address skills gaps, implement the climate emergency skills action plan and develop skills investment plans in each region.

Developed through close collaboration between SFC, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and the Scottish Government, the plan accepts and endorses the recommendations made by the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board in its 2018 Strategic Plan and outlines the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland’s skills system.

Key actions for SFC include working with SDS and the Scottish Qualifications Authority to develop and promote a clear definition of meta-skills, and fully implement the joint 5 stage skills alignment planning model. 

Business Minister Jamie Hepburn said:

“Scotland’s highly skilled workforce ensures we are an ambitious, productive and competitive nation.

“While we already have a strong skills system in place, further change is needed to enable us to move forward confidently. This includes considering what skills provision is required and how we ensure the system is both agile and sustainable.”

SFC Chief Executive Karen Watt said:

“This is a forward-looking plan which sharpens our vision for Scotland’s future skills needs. Building on the recommendations of the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board, it shows how we can work together to create a skills system that matches Scotland’s ambitions for future economic prosperity.”

The Future Skills Action Plan is available online.