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The UK government has set out its Research and Development Roadmap.

The ambition behind the roadmap is to ensure that the UK is the best place in the world for scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to live, work and innovate.

As part of its plans, the UK government intends to bring forward £300 million to upgrade scientific infrastructure. The funding will enable universities to improve and maintain current research facilities as well as providing researchers with better lab equipment and digital resources.

The roadmap will also support efforts to address global challenges such as eradicating the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050, developing new medicines and improving public services.

As part of the initiative, the UK government will establish a new Innovation Expert Group to review how it supports research from conception through to product development, and has pledged to make up funding shortfalls should the UK fail to negotiate a deal with the EU on participating in the Horizon Europe framework programme.

Also announced today is an Office for Talent to strengthen the UK’s talent offer for students, research leaders and those building their careers in research and innovation.

The UK Science Minister Amanda Solloway, said:

“Coronavirus has shown us the agility, creativity and innovative thinking of our world-leading institutions, scientists and researchers to tackle this disease and save people’s lives. We want to harness this expertise to rejuvenate science and research across the UK, building a future that is greener, safer and healthier.”