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The project to merge Shetland College UHI, NAFC Marine Centre UHI and Train Shetland reached its conclusion on 01 August 2021 with the vesting of Shetland UHI – the new college for Shetland. 
Shetland UHI brings together staff and resources to offer tertiary education, commercial training and research in Shetland and beyond. All the services and expertise offered by Shetland College UHI, NAFC Marine Centre UHI and Train Shetland will continue to be provided by Shetland UHI and there are ambitious plans for expanding provision into new areas in line with Shetland’s economic development. 
Shetland UHI has been established after extensive consultation that gathered views from a wide range of interested parties, including students, staff and employers. The new College will deliver a curriculum connected and responsive to, industry, student and local community needs as well as enhancing the student experience. Like all colleges, Shetland UHI will be required to meet the Scottish Funding Council’s expectations in terms of standards of good governance in operation, fair access to tertiary education for communities on the Shetland Islands, and the quality of the student experience.  This will be achieved by complying with the Financial Memorandum with UHI and the Code of Good Governance.

Professor Jane Lewis, Principal, said 

“This project has involved a great deal of hard work over several years and I am extremely grateful to all who have been involved for their commitment and effort. I look forward to working with everyone at Shetland UHI, and our partners, to build on the legacies of the merged organisations and deliver inspirational learning, influential training and innovative research rooted in the heart of Shetland’s community”. 

Shetland UHI is constituted as a charitable company and is overseen by a Board of Directors, which includes independent Directors and Staff and Student representatives. The Board is Chaired by Davie Sandison. Davie said 

“This is a very significant point in our evolution into the new merged College for Shetland, and it is exciting to look forward to the opportunities ahead of us. I am looking forward to working with the Shetland UHI staff and my fellow Board Members to implement Shetland UHI’s strategies and deliver high-quality education for Shetland.”