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As world leaders meet for COP26 in Glasgow, SFC is taking a look at some of the key themes of its recent climate change activities. Today the spotlight is on the Fuel Change Challenge.

The Fuel Change Challenge National Showcase took place this year in March where 20 low carbon concepts were unveiled. The 20 projects were selected from 38 original submissions, which are currently being taken forward in development.

Fuel Change is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to empower young people to create a carbon neutral future for the next generation. Funded by the Scottish Funding Council and Skills Development Scotland, the Fuel Change Challenge was set up to provide a unique platform for the next generation to create a low carbon future.

In March apprentices presented their concepts to a panel of experts, having earlier received guidance and support from industry mentors. The concepts were developed in response to six challenges, including; how to recycle decommissioned aircraft; how to create an electric bus network in a medium-sized town; and how to create virtual replicas of physical devices.

This October ground-breaking solutions to climate change were presented by 16 to 24-year-olds today at the final of a Net Zero challenge supported by INEOS and the Scottish Government.

The teams of young people from across Scotland worked on developing fresh and creative ideas and concepts as part of Fuel Change’s Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge since the start of July.

The real-life challenges were devised by INEOS in consultation with the Scottish Government, covering sustainable manufacturing, heat energy, plastics and carbon capture and utilisation.

Fuel Change is fast gaining traction among government, industry and the education sector, with the ambition to eventually become a global platform that galvanises young people into taking meaningful action to address climate change, protecting the planet for their future.