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UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) has today published its five year strategy for 2022-27, Transforming Tomorrow Together. This publication marks a major milestone for UKRI, being the launch of their first strategy. It looks ahead to the next 5 years with the ambition to foster an outstanding research and innovation system that drives economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits for all citizens.

The strategy sets out six strategic objectives:

  • World-class people and careers.
  • World-class places.
  • World-class ideas.
  • World-class innovation.
  • World-class impacts.
  • A world-class organisation.

As a key partner of UKRI, SFC welcomes the new strategy and the vision for the UK research system it sets out. Commenting on its publication, Stuart Fancey, SFC Director of Research and Innovation, said:

“We share much of this vision for Scotland’s research and innovation ecosystem. It resonates well with the ambitions we set out in our Review of Tertiary Education and Research, including the protection of fundamental discovery-driven research, looking through a lens of national challenges to better support ideas into impact through knowledge exchange, and supporting all those who do this – through inclusive research culture, supporting PGR experiences and beyond.

At this time of challenges and opportunities in the UK’s research landscape and further afield, we look forward to continuing and deepening our partnership with UKRI and making our shared ambitions a reality by harnessing opportunities for Scotland’s research community.”