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The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) has today published indicative funding of £2bn for colleges and universities for the next academic year.

In the context of a tight fiscal environment, SFC has prioritised front line teaching and learning for students, with a 2% increase from the AY 2021-22 baseline teaching budgets for both the college and university sectors, equating to an uplift of £9.6m and £14.3m respectively.  

The allocations underline our commitment to support productive learning opportunities at a time of significant economic and social uncertainty; to sustain a pipeline of educated and skilled people who will be critical for Scotland’s economic and wellbeing recovery; and to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on students’ learning, addressing the loss of learning for existing students as well as school pupils moving on to tertiary education.

In line with our commitment to work based learning, we will continue to protect and promote the Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) and Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) programmes, working closely with Skills Development Scotland, as we embed funding for FAs and GAs within our core teaching funding.

Today’s announcement also recognises the importance of protecting vital investment in our university research and innovation base with a £4.7m increase in research funding to support universities in their efforts to discover new knowledge and translate that knowledge into benefits for health, economic prosperity and wider social impact.