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Research impact

InGAME, led by Abertay University is one of the nine initiatives that form the Creative Industries Cluster Programme launched in 2018. 

With a growing number of digital agencies and over 3,500 jobs in digital technology, the creative industries sector in Dundee forms a larger part of the local economy than for any other city in the UK of a similar size. 

According to Director, Sean Taylor, the Cluster for Computer Games formalises a relationship that has existed between industry and academia in Dundee for many years. Abertay University established the world’s first computer games course in 1997, and became the UK Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education in 2009. 

The Cluster has actively managed its funds to grow new companies and support existing ones with the constant objective of developing new products and services to create new jobs. To develop the creative community in Dundee, the Cluster has provided a range of activities including the co-creation of working prototypes; forming a virtual community of engagement; offering business vouchers, secondments and workshops; and designing frameworks for evaluation and reporting. 

Its research has had a substantial impact on the creative industries sector regionally and across Scotland, and its successes include fostering a globally competitive, entrepreneurial, inclusive and sustainable economy. Amongst its outputs are 633 SMEs participating in engagement events, the creation or safeguarding of almost 600 jobs, the attraction of over £670,000 of funding and three quarters of supported companies releasing new IP material.