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SFC Strategic Plan 2022-27

The latest strategic plan from the Scottish Funding Council lays out the organisation’s priorities for tertiary education between now and 2027.

The plan actively supports the role of Scotland’s colleges and universities in creating social, economic and environmental wellbeing and prosperity. It also recognises their importance in developing skills and their ability to accelerate innovation and discovery.

Central to the plan is an understanding of the challenges created by the uncertain fiscal environment forecast for the years ahead. In a joint foreword, SFC Chair, Mike Cantlay and Chief Executive, Karen Watt, describe the need to weather uncertainty and to secure sustainable institutions that continue to provide the best opportunities for their students.

The new strategy also focuses on Scotland’s transition to a fairer and greener world and how to develop the technologies, skills and lifelong training to support it. The plan responds to other drivers of change including advances in digital learning, demographic shifts and the effects of reduced inward migration.

Speaking as the plan was launched, SFC Chief Executive, Karen Watt, said:

“These are challenging times, and it is vital that we create a funding environment in which colleges and universities can respond to the changing needs of employers and learners.

“That means working closely with colleges, universities and the full range of organisations involved in tertiary education, skills, research and innovation to secure effective outcomes and the best value for the public purse.

“We also want our investments to be fair and inclusive, enabling people, irrespective of their background, to learn and flourish at the right time and in the right place for them.”

Minister for Higher Education, Further Education, Youth Employment and Training, Jamie Hepburn said:

“Our universities and colleges are at the heart of our ambition to build on Scotland’s world-class tertiary education and research system.

“We continue to make significant investment of £1.9bn in our Higher and Further Educational institutions through the Scottish Funding Council.

“This strategic plan will ensure a robust future for our tertiary education sector, focussed on outcomes for learners.”

The Scottish Funding Council’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027 – Building a connected, agile, sustainable tertiary education and research system for Scotland is now available.