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Regional Tertiary Pathfinders

SFC’s response to Net Zero

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) is delighted to be supporting the National Energy Skills Accelerator (NESA) as it works with energy sector employers and employees in responding to energy transition opportunities through reskilling and upskilling of the existing and future workforce.

With funding from the SFC Northeast Regional Pathfinder, NESA has today launched a pilot to develop an Energy Transition Skills Interactive Pathway Tool which will enable individuals to identify qualifications needed for specific jobs in the low-carbon energy sector by streamlining and outlining available options to undertake these qualifications in the region.

Skills demands are developing as a result of energy transition, creating a complex landscape for people looking to join, transfer to, or progress within the energy industry. By communicating clear routes by which students can follow a rewarding career in the renewable energy sector, the interactive pathway tool aims to promote opportunities for employees to reskill and upskill, as well as for people to enter the sector. The clarification of the varied options to gain qualifications with each of the regional providers will help learners build up a portfolio of qualifications and receive recognition of their chosen skills pathway. In addition to enhancing understanding of and routes to qualifications for individuals, the pilot will also help inform careers advisors and employers of available provision and pathways.

James Dunphy, SFC Director for Access, Learning and Outcomes said:

“We are delighted to be supporting NESA in the development of the Interactive Pathfinder Tool. As we strive to achieve the transition to net zero, colleges and universities will play a vital role in the reskilling and upskilling of today’s workforce and the workforce of the future.”

Prof John Underhill, NESA Chair and University of Aberdeen’s Director of Energy Transition, said:

“NESA seeks to inspire people to take up careers in the renewable energy sector. The Interactive Pathfinder Tool NESA is developing will map out clear educational pathways for individuals wishing to pursue careers in the renewables sector to aid the energy transition. NESA is thrilled to have received the Scottish Funding Council’s support through the Pathfinder initiative, which further emphasises the importance of our work.”

The Pathfinder initiatives are designed to explore, in practical ways, what further needs to be done to make the education and skills system responsive, integrated, and supportive of economic recovery and inclusive growth in each region.

NESA is a collaborative initiative between world-renowned institutions Robert Gordon University, the University of Aberdeen and North East Scotland College and is supported by key partners Skills Development Scotland and Energy Transition Zone Ltd. Supporting the changing needs of energy sector employers and the workforce as they respond to energy transition opportunities, NESA aims to accelerate the up-, re- and new-skilling of both the existing and future workforce.