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The Scottish Funding Council has approved new funding for the EAUC, an organisation working in Scotland to put sustainability at the heart of tertiary education and research.

The funding will enable the EAUC to deliver the next phase of its work in response to the climate emergency. The new phase builds on previous work that has included supporting leadership and understanding in environmental sustainability and creating a culture for change and action in Scotland’s colleges and universities.

The EAUC’s bid for funding was the result of six months’ work in developing new ideas to further accelerate the sector’s response to the climate emergency. This was carried out through regional workshops, events and surveys as well as by means of a specialist Advisory Group. Central to the bid’s success was its focus on the Scottish Government’s national priorities.

The new programme is designed to create opportunities for colleges and universities to work together in developing innovative approaches in their response to the climate emergency. It will focus on supporting transformative leadership and empowering change. It will additionally aim to build capacity, develop place-based responses to the climate emergency and further strengthen the sector’s collective voice.

The EAUC will also work with the Scottish Funding Council and key partners to progress learning for sustainability and will support the national response to climate change through a ‘Team Scotland’ approach.

Helen Cross, the Scottish Funding Council’s Director of Research and Innovation, said:

“By harnessing the  transformational capabilities of Scotland’s colleges and universities, we can help create a prosperous, low-carbon future for Scotland and the world. Working together we can progress more quickly and more inclusively.

“In funding the EAUC programme, we are demonstrating our determination to support colleges and universities progressing together through collaborating and learning from each other, and by bringing people together in common courses of action. We are also taking another step forward in achieving the longer-term ambitions set out in our Net Zero & Sustainability Framework for Action