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Ambitious plans to accelerate Scotland’s innovation performance to a world-class level have been unveiled today by the Scottish Government. As part of its new ten-year strategy, the Government has also developed an ‘innovation scorecard’, designed to compare Scotland’s performance against other countries.

The strategy recognises Scotland’s universities and colleges as important parts of the country’s economic infrastructure. It sees the knowledge-based economy of the future being developed as a partnership between academics, industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

While making a call for universities to leverage further private sector investment, the strategy acknowledges the important role of research funding from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and others in supporting knowledge exchange and innovation.

The strategy includes a set of actions themed around energy transition; health and life sciences; data and digital technologies; and advanced manufacturing. SFC has been a core partner in the development of the innovation strategy and welcomes its publication. Its Chief Executive, Karen Watt, said:

“The strategy recognises the existing impact of the research and innovation that already takes place at Scotland’s universities and colleges. It also maps a way forward in supporting Scotland’s world leading research institutions to release further potential for innovation.

“I am delighted we have contributed to the development of this important piece of work. The Scottish Funding Council looks forward to playing a key part in the success of the strategy.”

The new innovation strategy is available on the Scottish Government’s website.