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College student satisfaction rates are at their highest level since 2018-19 according to a new report published by the Scottish Funding Council.

The College Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey (SSES) was carried out over an eight-week period between 6 March and 28 April 2023. This year also saw record participation rates with a 12.1% increase in full-time students and a 9.0% increase in part-time students responding to the survey.

In total nine out of 10 full-time students were satisfied with their college experience (92.7%), the highest overall satisfaction levels in the five-year reporting period.

Overall satisfaction levels have increased in 2022-23 compared with 2021-22, with an increase in satisfaction of 1.9% for full-time further education students, an increase of 1.8% for part-time further education students, an increase of 3.4% for full-time higher education students and an increase of 2.3% for part-time higher education students.

Commenting on the results, Director of Policy, Insight & Analytics, Martin Boyle, said:


“Student feedback is an important source of intelligence which helps to drive improvements in colleges. Today’s results are encouraging and are a reflection of the commitment and hard work of college staff to support their students as they complete their studies. We will work with colleges to understand how they will use these results as part of their plans to continually enhance the student experience.”

The SSES provides a means to evaluate and enhance college provision in Scotland through monitoring student satisfaction and engagement at a national level. Over time, this will provide a consistent basis for college regions to show improvements within their outcome agreements with SFC.

Minister for Higher and Further Education, Graeme Dey, said:

“It is hugely encouraging to see that student satisfaction levels have increased across all levels of study and are now the highest on record.


“Nine out of ten college students were satisfied with their college experience in 2022-23 which demonstrates that our colleges continue to expertly support learners to fulfil their potential.”