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Shaping Scotland’s Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework

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SFC will work in collaboration with the sector to develop Scotland’s Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework, through the project Steering Group, sector workshops, consultations with key stakeholders and sector groups and management of the workstreams.

This overarching workstream aims to:

  • Maximise opportunities for shared learning, innovation and improvement across both sectors.
  • Share mapping and practice to create common understanding of similarities and difference.
  • Promote alignment of networks, forums, structures and processes to inform the development of the new TQEF.

Key questions

  • Do the areas we have identified so far as key principles resonate as key areas in each sector?
  • How can we best connect quality practitioners and educators across both sectors?
  • Would tertiary networks enhance or diminish the distinctiveness and diversity of the sectors?
  • How will the sectors organise and manage co-creation of future processes once the development phase is finished?

Lead agency

The lead agency for this workstream is the Scottish Funding Council.

Progress update

As noted previously, Phase 3 of the project included a series of engaging and effective co-creation workshops undertaken with representatives from across the tertiary sector. The workshops enabled extensive sharing of practice and started to build a shared understanding of the tertiary quality landscape, culminating in the refinement of the key principles that will underpin the approach to quality assurance and enhancement.

Throughout Phase 3, SFC also worked closely with the Tertiary Quality Steering Group (TQSG) to successfully shape and develop the new approach to quality assurance and enhancement and we look forward to continuing this collaboration in the coming year.

SFC continues to work with the sector agencies and the individual workstream leads, supporting each project individually and collectively to ensure that the outputs are integrated effectively and feed into the overall development of the TQEF.

Discussions are continuing internally within SFC, to ensure that the work that is being undertaken through the Tertiary Quality Project aligns with other changes e.g., the SFC’s Review of Assurance and Outcomes, to reduce duplication and improve streamlining of processes for institutions.

Next steps

Going forward this workstream will culminate in the development of guidance on quality for colleges and universities for the next review cycle beginning in AY 2024-25, describing Scotland’s Tertiary Quality Enhancement Framework and expectations of institutions in the process.

SFC Strategic Plan 2022-27

Building a connected, agile, sustainable tertiary education and research system for Scotland.

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